Friday, October 13, 2017

Week beginning Monday 16th October

Social Studies quiz on the 50 states Monday
Please keep and bring in any pizza boxes you have at home


Math 5-1

ELA - Weekly writing project 
- Tonight plan your story
- Come up with - Character/s
                         - Setting
                         - Plot
Bullet points and notes are fine
Religion - learn beatitudes and chapter 3 review
Social Studies - Longitude and latitude search 1 & 2 (due Wednesday)

Science - study pack (due Wednesday)


ELA - First draft of Myth/tale Weekly writing project 
Math 5-2
Social Studies - Longitude and latitude search 1 & 2 
Science - study pack (quiz Thursday)


ELA - Reading activities
Math - 5-3

Monday, October 9, 2017

Week Beginning Tuesday October 10th

No Homework club this week

Monday - Columbus Day

Tuesday -

Math 4-7
Social Studies - practicing States
Science if unfinished


Math - 4.8

Social Studies - The country's climate 
- Read the pages and complete the worksheet
Music paragraph
Social Studies test NE & SE corrections


Math - Test prep Page 107 
ELA - Weekly writing project Making a poster for a science fair
- The poster should have the name of the invention clearly visible
- Diagram of how it works
- some information to describe the invention
Rubric for achieving a top score 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week Beginning October 2nd

Science Quiz on Thursday (photosynthesis)
SS Quiz - Friday
Reading comprehension Test - Friday


ELA - PM 2.5 & 2.6 based on the '10 Suns' Passage
Math - 4-4
Spelling Words - Learn for Friday
Vocab Words


Math 4-5
Social Studies - Southeast region fill in the blank map with states and capitals. Color each state differently.
Science - classifying 


Math 4-6
Social Studies - Northeast Region. Finding information on the waters and landforms of the Northeast 
Science test - study d51 - d53


Math 4-6 continued
Social Studies - Study for quiz on Southeast and Northeast
Religion - Beatitudes finish classwork

*No Homework club next Tuesday (4/10/17)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Chess lessons

Chess Pics
Here is a link to our latest chess lesson with Mr. B
The students are having a great time and getting really good at chess!

Week beginning 25th September


Words with Digraphs ck, sh 
1. anguish
2. backfire
3. bicker

4. gimmick 
5. harsh
6. homesick 

7. lackluster 
8. perish
9. shattering 
10. shawl
11. shielded 

12. shimmer 
13. shrine 
14. stricken 
15. threshold 

Continue small Reading group book


Math - Division 4-1

Social Studies - Midwest states part 1

Practice logging into Edmodo


ELA - Passage & Compare contrast (Due Friday)

Math 4-2
-Test Corrections, if applicable due Friday

Social Studies - Midwest part 2
-Write the capital
-Find some info on the state
-Draw an icon that represents the state


(Test Corrections if applicable)
Vocab Test & Spelling Test Friday
Social Studies Test - Southwest & Midwest region
-Learn where states are and their capitals

Monday, September 25, 2017

Fun Run pics

Here is a link to some fun run pictures from Friday.
Thank you to all those who could help out on the day, or helped to raise funds with the students.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week beginning Monday 18th


Spelling Words with Short
1. avenge
2. ceremony
3. comet

4. chemical
5. constellation 6. density
7. excessive
8. intense
9. penetrate
10. prominent 11. sensory
12. splendor
13. temperature 

14. translucent 
15. vessel

Vocab words 

absorb assume event explanation
heat power reflect theory
thermal transmit

Math - lesson 3-4
multiplying using 2 digit numbers

ELA - Using your spelling words come up with 5 sentences that contain at least 2 of the spelling words


Math 3-5
Social Studies - Southwest States sheet - filling in the state capital, finding some information on the state and decorating. 
ELA - Concept map


Math 3-6
SS - Southwest region physical features
Spelling and vocab study
Reading new books


Math 3-7

ELA - Rewrite the ending of the story of the 'ten suns'

- Using descriptive words think of a new ending for the story we covered today.
- Start at the point where the messenger is sent to find the Archer (Hu Yi)
- Handwritten work should be 1/2 a page or typed at least a paragraph

Spelling test tomorrow

FUN RUN Tomorrow - Free dress (must be appropriate for running)