Week Beginning Tuesday 29th May

Free Dress all week 👍🏻👕👚

St. Thomas More School Sixth Grade Supply List2018-20191 soft zipper pouch1 12 count box of #2 wooden pencils1 set of colored pencils (8 to 12 colors)1 small pencil sharpener1 pen and ink eraser1 box crayons (24 count)1 box 8 count color fine tip, washable markers1 box 8 count color wide tip, washable markers6 color dry erase markers, chisel4 pens, blue or black ink3 red pens2 highlighters12” wooden ruler with metric and inch markings1 small, plastic container, Elmer’s liquid white glue1 Elmer’s glue stick1 scissors, pointed, about 6-8”2 packs of Binder paper, college ruled, 150 sheet4 – single subject tear out notebooks – college rule4 two-pocket foldersMini Stapler with staples and remover1 Family size Kleenex-style tissue1 Roll of paper towels (Viva brand suggested)2 packs of tab dividers1 8oz hand sanitizer gel1 set of earphone/headphones in a ziplock bag labeled with child's name2 3 - ring flexible plastic binders1 pack of scotch tape

Week Beginning Monday 21st May

MondayMath - 19-3
ELA - James and The Giant Peach activity

Tuesday  Math - Study for quiz
ELA - James and The Giant Peach activity
Social Studies - States and Capitals quiz &

I am going to push our math quiz back to allow us extra time to fully cover some of the topics. We will have the quiz Friday​

Math - Study for quiz  Social Studies - States and Capitals quiz & & Quizzizz Code 914194
Science - Test Tomorrow

Thursday  Math Quiz - Study!
Science - finish projects/page

Sandwiches for the needy for all classes - Thank You!

Link to Some Outdoor ed and all other Pictures

Zoomobile visits STM

Week beginning Monday May 14th

Week Beginning Tuesday May 8th

Tuesday Math - 18-1

Continue Reading assigned books

Social Studies - Study the following lessons (all pages, questions and information are attached):
- Declaration of Independence
- Articles of Confederation
- Constitutional Convention

$2 if you want to wear free dress tomorrow 

WednesdayELA - James and the Giant Peach questions 11 - 15 (Friday)
Math 18-2
Continue Reading assigned books

Thursday Math 18-3
ELA - JATGP Worksheets
Continue Reading assigned books

Week Beginning Monday April 30th

MondayMath - 12-7
ELA - Weekly Writing Project - Friday
Write a persuasive essay - Page 526

Social Studies -
Chapter 14 : lesson 1Articles of Confederation
Chapter 14: lesson 2 - Planning a Government - Wednesday
Spelling words
Vocab words

TuesdayMath 12-8 (number 4 can be left out)
ELA - Weekly Writing Project - Write a persuasive essay - Page 526 - Friday
Chapter 14 : lesson 1 - Articles of Confederation
Chapter 14: lesson 2Planning a Government - Wednesday
Spelling words
Vocab words
Reading (activity questions will be assigned soon)
Religion Study Guide

Wednesday Math - Study guide 
Multiplying two fractions
Multiplying fractions and whole numbers Multiplying mixed numbers Division of fractions
Dividing a whole number by a decimal Dividing mixed numbershttps://www.youtub…